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Outsourcing? Nothing beats going Direct

Considering today’s escalating transportation equipment costs, recruiting, regulation compliance and overall labor management, outsourcing is an attractive alternative. If transportation is considered an extension of your company’s core competency, you need a transportation partner who will understand your business and employ best-in-class practices. DirectLink is your partner of choice – not chance!

The Road To Outsourcing

Many steps are required in making an informed decision about outsourcing your transportation. DirectLink guides you through proper planning and evaluation. Among the steps, DirectLink will:

  • Evaluate the current operating environment. Your team and ours share information crucial to your business and valued clients. This step involves understanding delivery requirements, vehicle capacity, time-specific delivery points, and crucial delivery information.
  • Learn exactly how you operate. This step assures that DirectLink understands your mission and expectations to help boost your competitive edge.
  • Develop an outsourced transportation solution. Assimilating all of your information, our team custom-tailors a solution that incorporates all aspects of your business.
  • Present a solution in a format that compares your current operating environment to our model. You will clearly see the positive, and any negatives, in considering DirectLink as your outsourced transportation partner.
  • Display costs clearly to assist in comparisons to your current expense.

Contact us today to discuss how we can begin a study with your team!