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Our Solutions

DirectLink Logistics serves a variety of customers and needs, such as excess volume solution, whether you’re sending your shipment across town or across the region.

  • We specialize in time-sensitive, same-day transportation, tailored to each individual service request. When our customers experience a problem, we provide the solution.
  • We are asset-based, with our own equipment and our own drivers, ensuring lower incident rates. We know where your shipment is, and when it will be delivered. There’s no guesswork, no relying on a third party to deliver your important and time-sensitive products and documents.
  • Excess volume solution is readily available, allowing for redirection of trucks as needed. We have your backup plan with excellent processes established to ensure accurate and on-time same-day deliveries.

DirectLink Courier primarily specializes in same-day transportation of a variety of products from various industries. Whether it is a need for a single shipment across town, or several hundred shipments that need same day service throughout our entire service area of North Carolina, South Carolina and southern Virginia, DirectLink can meet your needs. The majority of our multiple shippers utilize custom tailored routing where we combine on-route services with custom scheduled routes to meet the time critical needs of pickup and delivery with special care.

Last Mile Delivery

Since 1974, DirectLink has met our customers’ Last Mile Delivery requirements with specific, individualized approaches. We create custom-routed services for time-critical deliveries of pharmaceutical products, whole blood, eyeglass, medical specimens and more – all transported via our fleet of cargo vans, 24-foot and 16-foot box trucks, and 53-foot tractor-trailers.

  • On-Route Service – DirectLink has continuously expanded its scheduled routing network and now has more than 400 scheduled delivery routes serving most locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. In most cases, service can be provided on-route at a minimal charge.
  • Custom-Routed Dedicated Service – When existing routing doesn’t meet a customer’s specific need, DirectLink provides a dedicated solution to meet your Last Mile Delivery requirements. Our management team combines on-route and dedicated services to create custom solutions.

Dedicated Truckload and Line Haul Services

When our clients need Dedicated Truckload services to strategically move their product for Last Mile Delivery into our territory, DirectLink establishes Dedicated Line Hauls. These Line Haul Services have made DirectLink the single source provider for end-to-end solutions to many shippers throughout the Southeast.

If a shipper needs scheduled Dedicated Truckload Service for internal transportation between manufacturing plants, wholesale distribution centers or to valued customers, DirectLink can develop a cost-effective, custom system tailor-made to suit our client’s needs.

At DirectLink, we don’t have to worry about the status of an owner-operator’s equipment or security compliance. Our fleet of cargo vans, box trucks and tractor-trailers is equipped with on-board computers, GPS systems, handheld mobile technology devices and cell phones, providing full surveillance during each trip. A full preventive maintenance management system ensures maximum safety for the security of our drivers and the security of your product. Our drivers adhere to strict security procedures and receive periodic training to ensure safe and secure deliveries.

Whether you need Last Mile Delivery, Dedicated Truckloads or Dedicated Line Hauls, please contact sales@directlinklogistics.com to learn how we can provide a solution for you today.