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Market Segments Served

  • Healthcare Distribution Solutions: Transporting healthcare products to the Last Mile Delivery point is at the heart of our business. We strictly adhere to DEA regulations and inspections, and our Chain of Custody processes are constantly reviewed to assure full compliance. We are equipped with the latest mobile handheld devices and software for managing Chain of Custody, on-time performance, and safe and accurate deliveries. The technology-based Proof of Delivery system provides our customers with instant information, allowing them to communicate status updates with their end-user customers. Our large wholesale pharmaceutical distributors have trusted DirectLink for years with shipments of healthcare products, coolers of medical specimens, even a single pair of eyeglasses.
  • Parts Distribution Solutions: If you think you need your own internal transportation for parts, please think again! Whether you’re moving auto parts, agricultural equipment parts or computers, our routing networks make DirectLink clients the wholesale distributor of choice. With our expertise in Last Mile Delivery, your clients are assured a reliable, on-time, custom-tailored routing system. Please read our comments regarding the “Road to Outsourcing” to understand how we evaluate your needs. To schedule a consultation, contact our business development office at sales@directlinklogistics.com.
  • Chain Retailing Solutions: Chain retailers that use local distribution warehouses have discovered how DirectLink can further enhance their same-day inventory processes. Working with the management team of each chain retailer, DirectLink designs the best on-route solution for providing inventory replenishment to each location. DirectLink can mirror-image an internal transportation network – or create a cost-effective combination of on-route and custom dedicated services. Chain drugstore retailers, Walmart and retail auto parts enterprises such as Advance Auto are among those who have utilized our services. Contact us today to see how we may serve you!
  • Financial Services Solutions: Since 1974, DirectLink has partnered with many financial services organizations to develop customized transportation systems. Transportation of documents, mail and internal supplies is crucial to the daily workflow between branch locations and central processing centers. Our background in this field is strong: Many of our managers started their careers in bank transportation and have extensive experience in the development of financial transportation networks for our clients. State-of-the-art tracking and tracing through our high-end handheld software solutions assures you that we know where your valuable documents are, every minute each day. We have our own driving personnel; we don’t worry about the whereabouts of an independent contractor possessing your critical documents. Chain of Custody is second to none in the industry. If your bank is searching for excellent transportation, please contact sales@directlinklogistics.com to learn the difference!